KristyKristy’s passion of health and wellness was the catalyst for her transition into the Pilates world from a corporate environment. Her naturalistic sense of movement proved her correct in her innate ability to teach, support and transition clients to higher level of wellness. Kristy has a BBA in Legal Studies and Business from Hofstra University and utilizes her learned structure to grow her Pilates base in Hoboken and NYC.

Kristy completed YogaWorks Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program, which included practicing contemporary and classical Pilates for over seven years. Her training at the renowned YogaWorks in NYC provided her with incorporated knowledge of Vinyasa and Bikram Yoga to mingle within her practice. Kristy works with varied populations and continues to educate herself through Kure’s anatomical and special population training, along with continuing education in NYC and New Jersey.

Kristy’s strong social ability to connect and cultivate positive relationships with her clients inhabits constructive, beneficial and a pleasurable Pilates experience. She is Kure’s newest family member and her intrinsic love for life and native Jersey Girl “bop” will bring a smile to your face every time you walk through our glass door.