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Lory has taught the Pilates Method to clients ranging from 12 to 80 years of age. Her clients have included professional ski racers and hockey players, individuals with specific health issues and those simply looking for an alternative fitness program. In addition to Pilates, Lory leads workshops on nutrition, food cleanses, cooking classes and offers individual health counseling. She specializes in helping busy people with busy schedules to achieve balance.

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Senior Instructor

Malene has an extended career as a contemporary ballet and theater dancer both in her native country, Denmark, and in New York City. Malene’s technical movement background and keen eye has been bringing a new and innovative teaching dynamic to Kure Pilates. She has been with Kure Pilates since it’s storefront inauguration in August 2014.

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Senior Instructor

Completing 600+ hours of training, Lauren received her Pilates mat and full apparatus certification from the prestigious Kane School of Core Integration training under founder Kelly Kane. She is also certified in Balanced Body’s Bodhi Suspension System.

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Senior Instructor

Kristen’s interest in movement education stems from her own experience as an athlete, dancer, and yoga practitioner. Initially interested in the Pilates method as a tool for her own injury recovery, Kristen was inspired by the changes she saw and was eager to share the strengthening and healing capabilities of Pilates with others.

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Standard Instructor

Kristy’s passion of health and wellness was the catalyst for her transition into the Pilates world from a corporate environment. Her naturalistic sense of movement proved her correct in her innate ability to teach, support and transition clients to higher level of wellness.Her training at the renowned YogaWorks in NYC provided her with incorporated knowledge of Vinyasa and Bikram Yoga to mingle within her practice.

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Standard Instructor

As both an artist and a Pilates instructor, Ashley views the body in motion as an amalgamation of the sensory experience and uses this perspective to find creativity and fluidity within the Pilates repertoire. Through awareness of how the senses inform one another, teaching dynamic movement becomes centered around individual sensation rather than a one size fits all regimen.

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Standard Instructor

Colleen formerly pursued a career in teaching Middle School Language Arts and Special Education for five years prior to her transition into Pilates. Driven by her distinctive motivation to help others, Colleen’s drive to support her clients in achieving their fitness and overall wellness goals through the influential practice of Pilates is ten fold. Colleen has been bettering the health of Kure clients since July 2015.

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