Kure Policies

Please ensuring that you arrive on time and check in at the front desk at least five minutes prior to your appointment time will guarantee you don’t miss a thing once your instructor begins your lesson. We build in five-minute windows between sessions to give you time to talk with your instructor before the next scheduled session begins.
All appointments may be booked online through our website, by email info@kurepilates.com or by calling 201.222.0088. Online booking closes 24 hours prior to scheduling a Private Session. Please contact the studio to register after the online booking window has closed.


  • Login to our online booking session with your registered username and password
  • For a Private Session or Nutrition Coaching Sessions: Select your desired instructor, day, time and search for availability. Choose what session works best for you.
You will receive an email confirming your appointment about 30 hours prior to the start of the session. Please confirm your appointment by clicking on the “Confirm Appointment” link in the email. This is so we can ensure accountability for client sessions and instructors availability.
Should you need to cancel an appointment: WE RESPECTFULLY REQUIRE THAT YOU PROVIDE AT LEAST 24 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE WHEN CANCELLING A PRIVATE PILATES OR NUTRITION COACHING SESSION. This requirement allows enough time to fill the spot with another client. Thank you for your courtesy and for allowing us to serve all our clients. If this cancellation does not occur within our early appropriate cancellation window, your account will be deducted for the appointment as if you had attended.
There are no refunds or returns on packages. Exceptions can be made if moving 25+ miles away or you are physically unable to exercise for 6 months or more with a physician’s letter.
All packages must be activated (first session attended) within 30 days of purchase

  • All Intro Packs expire 30 days after activation
  • All Single Sessions expire 14 days after activation
  • All 10 Packs expire 4 months after activation
  • All 20 Packs expire 8 months after activation
Be sure to wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. We encourage you to avoid baggy apparel that could hinder your instructor’s ability to monitor your body positions and ensure you have proper alignment while you’re exercising. Socks are optional, however, if you do wear socks, grips are recommended. We sell Toesox at the studio for your convenience.