Through the Door to Kure


Kure Pilates houses all Balanced Body equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda (Combo) Chair and Ladder Barrel. In addition, we carry a myriad of props on our extensive prop wall to ensure that any client/ exercise modification can be achieved.

Kure Studio

The Location

We are just steps off the PATH train, downtown Hoboken Ferry station and the NJ Transit bus/train Hoboken Terminal. Aside from the ultimate convenience, you can enjoy the views of downtown Manhattan while working together.

Clean and Simple

Our studio space and equipment is kept pristine. The studio is cleaned daily and all equipment is wiped down during and after each session as clients utilize different machines within their hour. We look to make sure our equipment is kept in best working form possible so that we can safely service as many clients as possible.

Customer Privacy & Amenities

We know you’re coming off the train, bus or even driving to your session, so we make sure you have that space you need to get ready. For our client’s convenience, we have a large bathroom/changing space and lockers available to store your personal belongings. We ask that clients please tuck your mobile device away and turn it off or put it on vibrate. This is a courtesy to other clients, instructors and to give yourself a break from the outside world while you’re with us.

There is a water cooler in the waiting area as well. All water bottles and cups must be placed on one of the many coasters around the studio to avoid spills and damage to the equipment or floor. Clean towels are also provided for you.

See Kure’s Policies Page

The Kure Pups are Also Eager to Meet You!!