October can be a confusing month. Is it cold, is it hot, wait…it’s cold again! Well, November certainly has brought the chill to stay.  The body has it’s own mechanisms for staying warm, which include shivering (muscles and organs shaking). One of the main anatomical shifts we make during shivering is to keep our neck warm, flip up the collar on our coat or rub our upper arms. These warming actions can bring our shoulders up around our ears. We may not even realize how much we do it, but we do it a lot more when the temperature drops. Add this to a desk job and a lot of texting…hello tight traps, pecs and scalenes 😮

Here is a great exercise on the Tower to open the pecs, lengthen the scalenes, strengthen the triceps and engage the mid/lower traps. Remember to keep the core and upper abdominals zipped, knees soft, balanced on the four corners of the feet and the humeral heads rolled back. Let’s bring those shoulders back down to where they belong!

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